Student landlord insurance

As one of the world’s leaders in higher education, the UK has a strong demand for all types of student accommodation. With higher standards expected across the sector, landlords need an appropriate cover that will protect their property while catering to the needs of the students.
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What is student landlord insurance?

Student landlord insurance offers specialised cover for properties designated to be rented by students. It protects the building itself and related risks such as injury or loss suffered by a tenant because of a fault.

The main types of properties allocated to students are:

Shared houses, classified as HMOs
Purpose-built flats or bedsits, which are private accommodations

A HMO is prone to suffer more wear and tear than a single-let property, simply due to the number of unrelated occupants. As a landlord, to make sure your investment is protected it’s wise to cover yourself and your property with a tailored landlord insurance policy.

What does student landlord insurance cover?

Student landlords often find that some insurers are opposed to protecting the properties allocated to multiple tenants and, in some cases, don’t provide a quote, or increase their premiums to account for this.

At Total Landlord Insurance we recognise that some of the risks associated with student properties are no greater than a single occupancy property.

We also understand that not all student properties are the same and as a result we have negotiated preferential rates depending on how the facilities are shared, for example where the kitchen facilities are shared by all students and there is no cooking in the rooms.

This means if you take out your landlord insurance with Total Landlord then your property is fully insured by both our Essential and Premier policies, and you can rest assured knowing your property is in safe hands.

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Who are Total Landlord?

We are the Hamilton Fraser Group’s award winning landlord insurance, starting as an insurance broker in 1996. Over the last 25 years, we have grown with our markets to offer a lifetime partnership to our customers.

The Hamilton Fraser Group also includes government authorised deposit protection scheme, mydeposits, deposit replacement, Ome, the Property Redress Scheme, Client Money Protect and housing law specialist Landlord Action.

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