Expat landlord insurance

There are a number of reasons why, as a landlord, you might need to manage your UK rental property from abroad, such as serving, working or living overseas. Whether you are an expat landlord or just based abroad temporarily, protecting your investment and your tenants by having overseas landlord insurance is vital.
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What is expat landlord insurance?

Expat landlord insurance protects UK property owners who are living overseas against financial losses suffered in connection with their rental property. It protects the building itself and related risks such as injury or loss suffered by a tenant because of a fault.

It’s important for expat landlords to note that standard home insurance won’t cover the specific needs of your rental property, especially if you are not in the UK for extended periods of time. Our expat landlord insurance is designed to meet the unique needs of non-resident landlords. Taking out insurance for overseas landlords will give you the peace of mind that you are protected against the unexpected, no matter how far away you may be.

What does expat landlord insurance cover?

At Total Landlord Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering for your individual needs, with expat landlord insurance being no exception. 

We offer a comprehensive policy for expats and overseas landlords for no additional fee.

You can choose the level of cover you need based on your specific requirements and receive support from our expert advisers.

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Why choose Total Landlord Insurance?

Flexible cover

We provide flexible cover that enables you to add properties to an existing policy at any time, giving you one renewal date

between tenancies
Between tenancy cover

We offer 30 days’ full cover between tenancies on our Essential policy and 90 days’ full cover between tenancies on our Premier policy

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Loss of rent

Our policies include loss of rent or alternative accommodation
(30% buildings sum on Premier, 20% of buildings sum on Essential)

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Malicious damage cover

Our Premier policy covers malicious damage by tenants and their guests up to £25,000

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Property owners liability

Our Premier policy offers property owners liability with a £5 million limit of indemnity (Essential policy includes a £2 million limit of indemnity)