Landlord buildings insurance

Total Landlord have been protecting the properties of landlords since 1996. It is important for landlords to make sure they have the right protection to avoid unforeseen fire, flood or weather-related damage to their property.
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You can rest assured you have the right insurance if you want to safeguard your investment in furniture, soft furnishings, white goods and homeware that you have provided for your tenants.

After all, furnishing a property for tenants comes at a significant cost and you will want to make sure that investment is protected.

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What does landlord buildings insurance cover?

At Total Landlord Insurance, we offer landlord buildings insurance comes to give property investors complete peace of mind that they are covered. Our Premier and Essential building insurance packages cover fire, flooding, weather-related damage and malicious damage.

The cost of repairing damage to your property can be high unless you have specific insurance in place to cover the risk. Find out more about our landlord buildings insurance cover below.

Protection against damage

The Total Landlord Insurance Premier policy covers accidental and malicious damage by tenants.

Accidents do happen – tenants can break a window or leave the bath running to overflow.

Any accidental or malicious damage by your tenants and their guests, violent and forcible entry to your property and accidental damage to glass and sanitary fittings is protected.

The policy also covers extras that are often expensive to put right but which are often overlooked, for example, damage to gardens by emergency services attending incidents as well as trace-and-access should tradesmen need to open walls or ceilings to make repairs to pipes or cables in the property.

Protection against theft

Our Essential policy covers theft by tenants and their guests if they make a forcible and violent entry or exit from your property.

Total landlord Insurance will also pay for replacing locks if tenants lose their keys in a hold-up.

Protection against rent loss

Our Premier policy covers rent loss if your tenants must move out of your property because of an insured event, like a fire rendering the home uninhabitable.

Accidents and damage do not only happen with tenants in a rented property, they may also occur during voids between tenancies.

Our Essential policy offers full buildings insurance cover for void periods of up to 30 days, while our Premier policy stretches this cover to a full 90 days.

If you have a buy to let mortgage, the lender will insist as part of the loan contract that the building is always insured, regardless of if tenants are currently living there.

Extra protection

While our Essential cover looks after all the basics, Premier is designed to offer some extra peace of mind with all the features of our Essential cover, but with enhanced levels of protection.

Our Premier landlord buildings insurance is designed to cover as many eventualities as possible, even damage to CCTV systems, loss of metered water or oil and removing insect or bird nests by professional pest control companies.

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