If you need to make a claim on your Total Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance policy you must follow our claims procedure.

Claims Procedure

1. If your rent is overdue you must contact the tenant and any guarantor within seven days to establish the reason for the arrears.

2. If the rent has not been paid within a further seven days contact the tenant and any guarantor again.

3. If the tenant cannot be contacted, and it is lawful to do so, you or your agent must serve notice of a requirement to undertake an inspection of the rental property in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and then visit the property. If you are unsure whether an inspection is lawful you should seek legal advice.

4. You should report a claim to your insurer within 45 days of the first missed rental payment by means of a fully completed claim form accompanied with all requested supporting documentation. Failure to notify a claim within this time will invalidate the insurance. A claim form can be completed online by visiting the insurers website which can be found at or this can be obtained by contacting the claim helpline as shown in the policy wording. All forms will be sent out by e-mail, fax or post within 24-hours.

A full version of the claims procedure is available in your Policy Wording. It is important that you are familiar with the terms of your policy.