Total Landlord Essential Insurance

Our Essential package provides a host of different standard policy features to make your life as a landlord as easy as possible.

Essential buy to let policies give you the peace of mind that you are covered if the worst should happen and also covers you between tenancies for a period of up to 30 days (subject to policy terms & conditions).

Providing essential cover for residential landlords.

Our essential landlord insurance policy provides just that, essential cover for landlords. This level of cover protects your property and investments although it does not include the more wide ranging policy features of our Premier Insurance policy.

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When you need the very best in residential landlord insurance, make Total Landlord Insurance your choice for complete coverage for all your landlord needs.

Expect the unexpected

No one can predict when the worst should happen, but if anyone can offer comprehensive landlord protection, then it’s Total Landlord Insurance.

Our Essential package has been developed to cover all types of circumstances, and our buy to let policies enables you to protect what really matters – your property as well as your investments.

There’s no better feeling than having peace of mind that your interests are in safe hands, and with our residential landlord insurance we will provide you with peace of mind that your rental properties are procted.

Landlord Buildings Insurance

When embarking on the buy-to-let industry, ensure that the first thing you check off your to-do list is obtaining landlord buildings insurance. Offering the utmost defence against instances such as fire and flooding, this type of policy also protects against accidental damage made by your tenants and related third parties.

Landlord Contents Insurance

Maintaining a well-kept interior is just as important as looking after the external aspect of your property, and with valuable furnishings it’s imperative that you invest in effective landlord contents insurance. A common misconception among many first-time landlords is that the standard contents house insurance will be sufficient coverage, but this is not the case; however, with Total Landlord Insurance, we can offer the choice of two policies – it’s as simple as that.

If you own between one and five properties, get a quick quote online – and for more than five, call one of our advisors for a friendly, informative chat.

Landlord Liability Insurance

Being a landlord can be a demanding job, and while you might take every caution to cover all bases, sometimes it’s not enough – but with our landlord liability insurance, you can ensure your risks are accounted for. Should an accident occur or you encounter a serious health and safety problem, Total Landlord Insurance is here to help.

So for expert residential landlord insurance you can trust, talk to the professionals at Total Landlord Insurance today.

Our essential insurance cover offers landlords a solid, reliable and flexible way of protecting their property and investments. Developed specifically to cover all types of circumstances, our Essential package includes cover for theft by violent and forcible entry, as well as accidental damage to glass and sanitary fittings – ensuring you can have maximum peace of mind.

Accidental Damage to Glass and Sanitary Fittings
Accidental Damage by Tenants and/or Guests
Malicious Damage by Tenants and/or Guests
Theft by Violent and Forcible Entry
Theft by Tenants and/or Guests
Full Cover between Tenancies
30 days - Subject to Policy Terms and Conditions
Trace & Access
£1,000 - Limited to £5,000 Per Policy Year
Damage to Landscape Gardens by Emergency Services
Theft of Keys/Replacement Locks
£250 - Limited to £1,000 Per Policy Year
Loss of Metered Water/Oil
Removal of Nests
Accidental Damage to Glass and Sanitary Fittings
Accidental Damage to Contents
Malicious Damage by Tenants and/or Guests
Theft by Violent and Forcible Entry Only
Theft by Tenants and/or Guests
Single Article Limit
Landlords Gardening Equipment in Outbuilding
Loss Of Rent/Alternative Accommodation
Loss of Rent or Alternative Accommodation
Limited to 20% of Buildings Sum Insured
Denial of Access Cover
Property Owners Liability
£2,000,000 Limit of Indemnity
Employers Liability
Standard Excess - £250 but with the option to increase to £500 or £1,000
Malicious Damage Excess
Subsidence Excess £1,000
Property Disputes cover
Telephone legal advice line
£10,000 limit of indemnity
Nuisance and trespass
Criminal defence costs
Contract disputes