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Landlords, all deposits must now be protected

6 May 2015

Landlords, all deposits must now be protectedThe Deregulation Bill received Royal Assent on 26th March 2015 and contained important changes to Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) legislation. In attempt to clarify the issues created by the court cases of Superstrike vs Rodregues and Charalambous vs NG, the Act contains amendments to Tenancy Deposit Protection Legislation which imposed unreasonable duties on landlords with tenancies that pre-dated TDP (April 2007).

If you want to know what the changes to the Deregulation Act 2015 will mean to you, take a look at what Tenancy Deposit Protection experts, my|deposits, have included to their website here.

Do you need to protect a deposit taken before April 2007?

A large number of deposits will now require protecting and landlords have been given up until 23rd June 2015 to do so, in order to avoid any further action.

my|deposits is a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme designed to enable landlords and letting agents to take and hold a deposit for the duration of a tenancy.

You can contact my|deposits on 0333 321 9401 or visit their website here to make sure your deposit is protected.