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11th September 2014
Landlords face a tougher time borrowing buy to let mortgages following a surprise clause springing up in the new European mortgage credit directive. ... more »
5th September 2014
Keeping university living costs down by investing in a home is popular with many parents with children studying for a degree. ... more »
1st September 2014
Landlords often talk about property pensions – but how much can they save each year into a private pension plan? ... more »
28th August 2014
Deciding who foots the bill for wear-and-tear to a letting property is a major source of stress and arguments for buy to let landlords and tenants. ... more »
19th August 2014
One way out of the capital gains tax cul-de-sac for property investors is the government’s incentive for small businesses – the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). ... more »