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24th April 2017
Buy to let tenants would rather pay a professional to repair damage to their rented home or keep quiet and hope the landlord does not ask them for any money, says new research. The survey gives landlords an interesting insight to how tenants would deal with damage they may have... ... more »
21st April 2017
Company landlords are changing the buy to let landscape with new promises of long lets to tenants. Their impact on buy to let should not be underestimated as one leading letting agent reckons one in five homes to rent are owned by corporate landlords – a 6% increase in a... ... more »
19th April 2017
Bad landlords can expect fines of up to £30,000 for breaking housing law or making tenants live in poor rented homes. The new rules started from April 6 are aimed at giving local councils the powers to deal with bad landlords who repeatedly treat tenants poorly. ... more »
17th April 2017
Buy to let landlords may be left out in the cold when they try to rent out homes that fail new energy efficiency rules. In an almost forgotten law that dates back more than a year but only comes into force from April 1, 2018, landlords are banned from letting... ... more »
7th April 2017
Hundreds of thousands of landlords must pay more tax on their property profits from today as controversial mortgage interest relief cuts come into force. ... more »