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30th June 2017
Retirement savers reckon property pensions are one of the safest ways to invest for their later years and will give them the best return on their money. ... more »
21st June 2017
Landlords and letting agents face a ban on charging tenants fees to rent a buy to let home. The proposal, put forward but scrapped when Parliamentary time ran out before Election 2017, will be one of the major pieces of non-Brexit legislation over the next two years. ... more »
15th June 2017
Buying a home will still beyond the reach of many as prices outpace wage rises leaving one in four households renting home by the end of 2021, says a new survey. Buy to let landlords already rent out 5 million homes –just over a fifth of the UK's housing stock. ... more »
7th June 2017
Magistrates have fined the first property investor for breaking new laws demanding landlords are licensed in Wales. Under the rules, all landlords letting property in Wales must hold a licence, pass an exam and maintain their homes to a high standard. ... more »
2nd June 2017
Property prices in many favourite buy to let cities may be slowing, but values are just going through a blip and will recover, say new reports. ... more »