Gas Safety and Requirements for Landlords (Video)

Dave Bendall National Incidents Manager at British Gas discusses that with the rise in accidental landlords, now is a good time as ever to talk about the importance of gas safety and requirements for landlords when it comes to keeping tenants safe.
  • Gas poisoning is one of the UK’s biggest killers – so should be at the of any landlord’s list of concerns
  • Landlords are responsible for the gas appliances in any property they are letting out – unless those appliances have been brought in by the tenant


With the rise in accidental landlords and legislation for landlords always changing, now is a good time to talk about gas safety, as gas poisoning is one of the UK's biggest killers and as such, following guidelines should be a top priority for landlords everywhere. Joining us now is National Incidents Manager at British Gas, Dave Bendall, with some much needed advice.

Welcome David!


First of all, what are the requirements for landlords when it comes to gas safety?

The requirements are imposed by the gas safety installation and use regulations and they require any landlord to ensure that all the gas appliances within that property are adequately maintained, serviced and importantly checked for safety on an annual basis.

I was going to ask actually, do landlords need to get a safety check carried out on gas appliances in all properties?

In all properties that they let, so yes. The only property that would be exempt would be their own property unless they're letting that as well.

What if an appliance fails the safety check?

Well in that case the engineer that's inspecting the appliance (in deciding whether it's safe or not) will at least leave it safe which in some instances may be 'turned off' and he will advise the landlord as to what rectification work's required to make it safe.

and what if tenants bring gas appliances into the property? Who is responsible for these - the tenant or the landlord?

Those appliances (if they're brought in by the tenant) are the tenant's responsibility and therefore the landlord doesn't have to have them checked.

And what happens if landlords don't maintain their tenants' gas appliances?

Well again the landlord is only responsible for the gas appliances he provides - now obviously responsible landlords would want to ensure that their entire property is safe so they may well wish to extend that duty to all of the gas appliances.

What kind of appliances would a tenant bring in by the way that run on gas?

Usually gas cookers because they're quite easy to disconnect and transport one property to another.

When looking for an engineer to carry out a gas safety check, how can landlords check whether the engineer is qualified?

A landlord can go onto the Gas Safe Register website and check that the engineer that's coming is appropriately qualified and registered with Gas Safe Register.

And is that where you can find engineers to call out as well?

That's right, yes, you can go through Gas Safe Register or obviously you could call British Gas.

Do landlords need to provide tenants with a record of safety checks or certificates?

Yes they do and they should display them so normally when an engineer undertakes a landlord's gas safety check he'll leave a copy for the landlord and a copy for the tenant.

If a safety check record doesn't display the Gas Safe Register logo, is it still valid?

Yes it remains valid provided it lists the registration number with Gas Safe Register of the operative or business that have undertaken the check.

And what happens if a landlord uses a managing agent?

Then he needs to reach an agreement (a contractual agreement) as to who's going to organise the work. The legal responsibility for having the check still sits with the landlord but quite often the agent will make all the necessary arrangements to get it done.

And for further information and any questions not asked, where can people go?

You can visit the British Gas website on

Thank you very much for joining us - Dave Bendall!