Landlords TV

Landlords TV is here to bring you the answers to any questions you may have regarding letting a residential property. Whether you are already doing letting out a property or are looking for advice on how to start, this is the place for you.

Electrical safety for Landlords

Frank Bertie from the NAPIT Group gives advice on how to prepare your property for the holiday season, the electrical warning signs to look out for, the common electrical mistakes people make and advice on how to prepare your property if you go away.

Adapting to the changing needs of tenants

Julian Knight, Money and Property Editor for The Independent on Sunday, shares with us his thoughts on this topic and discusses the year ahead for the private rental sector. He shares his advice on how landlords can best adapt to the changing needs of their tenants and discusses the rise of the accidental landlord, the shortage of rental supply and the increase in buy to let mortgages.

How to make a successful landlord insurance water claim

Eddie Hooker, CEO of Total Landlord Insurance shares his tips on how to make an insurance claim successful and get it through as quickly as possible. From taking pictures of your water damage to making sure you allow access to surveyors as quickly as possible to assess so that there isn’t further damage to your property.

How to choose the right tenant

James Davis from Upad gives us his top tips on how to choose the right tenant and the alarm bells to look out for.

How to let a property

As a landlord you want to know the best way to let a property. Being a landlord doesn’t need to be a minefield. Whether you let your property privately or through a letting agent, as a landlord there are a number of key steps you must follow to make sure you are protected.

How to advertise and market your property

Robin Pilley from CXG Property Services gives his advice on how to advertise and market your property to prospective tenants. Robin discusses the importance of making sure that the property is presentable, advertising the property yourself and HMOs (houses of multiple occupation).

How to buy a property at auction

David Sandeman from the Essential Information Group gives his top tips on how to buy a property at auction. Reasons to buy at auction include: 1. Properties sell at great prices at auction as speed of sale is as important as the price achieved. 2. Properties are often not modernised. 3. Opportunities to buy a property that is already let.

Tenancy Deposit Protection launches in Scotland

The Scottish Government introduces new legislation to protect tenants’ deposits from July 2012. All landlords and letting agents in Scotland who take a deposit from their tenant must submit it to the scheme within 30 working days of the beginning of the tenancy. The law applies to all existing and new deposits.

Gas safety and requirements for landlords

Dave Bendall National Incidents Manager at British Gas discusses that with the rise in accidental landlords, now is a good time as ever to talk about the importance of gas safety and requirements for landlords when it comes to keeping tenants safe.

The Evening Standard’s accidental landlord talks to Total Landlord Insurance

The Evening Standard’s very own accidental landlord Victoria Whitlock spoke to Total Landlord Insurance to tell us more about the ins and outs of being an accidental landlord. Whatever the reason, increasingly these people are turning to becoming landlords. Hobby landlord, part-time landlord, private landlord, amateur landlord or accidental landlord, whatever term you use, a significant number of people fall in to this category.

Don’t get stung by your inventory

Inventories, deposits and contracts and how you as the landlord can protect yourself. Nick Lyons from inventory management company NoLettingGo and Total Landlord Insurance CEO Eddie Hooker discuss the procedures that can help a landlord and a tenant avoid a dispute at the end of a tenancy.

Nightmare tenants

When a landlord finds themselves in a position where their ideal tenant turns out to be the tenant from hell where can a landlord turn to for help? Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action and Total Landlord Insurance CEO Eddie Hooker discuss examples of nightmare tenants using properties as cannabis factories to simply refusing to pay their rent and what can be done to return the property back to the landlord.

How to prepare your property for winter

Television DIY expert Tommy Walsh shares his exclusive advice to us on how to prepare your property this winter to save you both time and money. Tommy’s tips can help you avoid any expensive claims over the winter months and ensure your tenants stay dry and warm.

Tenancy Deposit Protection launches in Scotland

Tenancy deposit protection is being introduced by the Scottish Government after successfully being operated in England & Wales since 2007. The new legislation will provide greater protection to tenants who pay a deposit on private rented accommodation in Scotland.

Tackling troublesome tenants

Marie Parris from George Ellis Properties and Total Landlord Insurance CEO Eddie Hooker discus the problems landlords may face with their tenants and offer advice on how to solve them. There is also a focus on the booming rental market and expert advice on how to buy a property at auction.

Generation Rent: the great debate

Property Editor for The Independent Julian Knight and a panel of experts including Sean Hooker from my|deposits, Robert Bolwell from Dutton Gregory Solicitors and Kevin Allen from The National Private Tenant's Organisation debate how landlords can adapt to the changing needs of tenants as campaigners call for 5 year tenancies.

DIY expert, Tommy Walsh on how to prepare your property for winter.

Tommy Walsh offers his invaluable advice on warning signs to look out for, what to do to prevent damage to your property during a cold snap, how to ensure you aren't loosing warmth through cracks in doors, how to insulate your loft without spending a small fortune and many other handy tips. Tommy is joined by insurance expert Eddie Hooker who discusses what the most common claims are received at this time of year and how much they cost.

Challenges landlords face with the rise of generation rent.

With the rental industry based on short-term lets like the 12 month AST the panel discusses the idea of long-term rents. What needs to happen to re-balance the situation? Are landlords too complacent, relying on short term tenancy agreements and unprepared for long term tenancy agreements? Our panel of experts discuss this and help landlords avoid being labeled a bad landlord which has costly consequences.

There's nothing worse for landlords than nightmare tenants

From late rent payments, to damaged property, irresponsible tenants are not only infuriating and stressful but they can leave you seriously out of pocket. It's not always easy to spot a bad tenant when you're going through the letting process, regardless of how good their references are or how nice they seem when you're vetting them.