Case Studies

  1. A tenant drove a scooter through the patio doors of the landlord’s property after a dispute with the landlord. 
    In this instance the damage was covered by the malicious damage section of the Total Landlord Insurance policy.
  2. Next door neighbours spoke to the tenants about some overhanging trees. The tenants didn't do anything about the trees or inform the landlord. A few days later the next door neighbour cut down the trees and left the tree trunks on the landlords drive. The tenants and the landlord could barely get into the property because the mass of tree trunks was so vast.
    This was not a valid claim as there had not been any damage created, it was just an inconvenience to the landlord.
  3. A landlord made a claim for damage to a chimney pot following an impact by a seagull. A seagull flew into the chimney pot and part of the chimney pot chipped off and went through the next door neighbour’s roof. 
    The damage to the chimney was covered under the impact section of the Total Landlord Insurance policy
  4. In the middle of winter at 1am in the morning the boiler breaks down. The landlord contacted Total Landlord Emergency Cover who immediately appointed a contractor.
    The contractor attended the same night and orders the part the next day. The part was fitted to the boiler the day of delivery and the tenant was able to warm the house again. The landlord and tenants were both happy as the problem was resolved quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle.
  5. The tenant’s sole toilet unit was blocked so that when he flushed it overflowed into the bathroom causing a mess. After contacting Total Landlord Emergency cover a contractor was appointed and cleared the blockage using rodding and jetting techniques. The toilet was repaired and the tenant didn’t need to leave the home.
  6. A burglary occurred at the landlord’s property which left the tenants with a smashed front door window. As a result they were unable to leave the property to go to work. The tenants contacted the landlord who called Total Landlord Emergency Cover who immediately arranged for a contractor to make the property secure by boarding up the window. A further claim was then made on the landlords building insurance to replace the door.