Aug 2016

Infographic - burst pipes in summer

by Total Landlord Insurance
With temperatures rising each year, we're seeing more burst pipe claims than ever before. Read more >
Aug 2016

Guidance on the Insurance Act

by Total Landlord Insurance
Hamilton Fraser, who provide Total Landlord Insurance, would like to highlight important changes contained in the Insurance Act 2015, which came into effect last week, on Friday 12 August. Read more >
Aug 2016

Having a Relaxing Holiday as a Landlord – 7 Top Tips

by Chris Rowell
The school holidays have started - time to escape the stress of work and relax. However, being a landlord means that it’s not possible to just pack a suitcase and leave. In order to make sure everything runs smoothly while you are away, here are a few easy tips to... Read more >
Aug 2016

Let property campaign: How to disclose undeclared rental income

by Chris Conway
HMRC is clamping down on landlords who have failed to disclose tax owed on rental income. Read more >