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May 2013

Your Tenants: Noisy Neighbours

by Sarah Male
I received an email from one of my tenants about a month ago; the property she rents from me is a ground floor Victorian conversion flat in South West London. The email she sent is as follows: Read more >
Apr 2013

Landlords make your small property appear larger!

by Sarah Male
We all know that when it comes to renting property size matters so if your property is on the petite side ensure you make the most of what space you do have with our top tips. Taking the time to spend a little effort maximising space and creating a spacious... Read more >
Mar 2013

Section 21 Notice

by Sarah Male
A Section 21 notice is one of the most common pieces of legislation you are likely to encounter in the course of letting out property. It is important to be fully aware of what a Section 21 notice is and when it can be used to end a tenancy agreement. Read more >
Feb 2013

Marketing to Maximise Rent

by Sarah Male
When renting out a property all landlords look to maximise the rent they are receiving and to make the most of their investment. It is important to take into consideration how the marketing of your property will affect this; good marketing will also reduce rental voids between tenancies. Read more >