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Naomi Di Scala Photograph I joined Hamilton Fraser in 2008 intially working for my|deposits as a front-line team leader. In August 2011, I moved to become the claims team leader which handles claims for Total Landlord Insurance as well as Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance and other Hamilton Fraser products including household, commercial, liability and directors & officers.

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Nov 2014

Winter freeze or flood! The two F’s of British Winters!

by Naomi Di Scala
Winter has arrived. Will we start the season with a white Christmas or will we be hit with three months of windy and wet storms? Read more >
Sep 2013

Supporting Our Customers during Fire Brigade Strike Action

by Naomi Di Scala
With pressing threats of strike action from fire-fighters, it is imperative that even greater precautions are taken by landlord and property investors to preserve their investments by reviewing fire safety routines and encouraging tenants to take precautions. Read more >
May 2013

Oldbury Landlord Hit With Record Fine

by Naomi Di Scala
A landlord whose eight blocks of flats, were called “disgusting” by a magistrate has been fined £45,900. Read more >
Mar 2013

Survey results reassure landlords on insurance claims

by Naomi Di Scala
The importance of landlord insurance should be as recognised to buy-to-let investors as car insurance is to motorists. However, some are discouraged from sufficiently protecting themselves by preconceptions which surround the insurance industry regarding the success of claims and need for a high level of protection. Read more >