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Mother’s Day: A tenant’s tale

Mother's Day: A tenant's taleThis weekend, all around the country, people are celebrating Mother’s Day. While this isn’t something that only relates to tenants and landlords, at Total Landlord Insurance, German born Marketing Executive Daniela Crouch has a special story to tell about her former landlady, of whom she will be thinking this Mothering Sunday.

Many years ago, fresh off the ferry from Germany, I arrived at the Accommodation Office of the University of Southampton, ready for my exchange year, but yet without a place to live. I bumped into some like-minded people in a similar situation, all exchange students as well. We ended up sharing a house in the end.

We were two Germans, a Dutch girl and a French guy – and from the beginning, the landlady of the house we would eventually stay in for the year took us in as her own. She said the house was really girlie - Alexis never really registered as a man in her opinion, possibly because of his name, a boy’s in France, a girl’s in England (even the Council Tax form had him down as ‘Miss’).

The house was great, a terraced four bedroom house within easy distance of the university and all of us connected instantly. Including our landlady, who really took to us. She was constantly in touch. On a Saturday she would come down and weed the garden or just to make sure we were all ok. In time, she became a bit like a mother to us all.

I remember one memorable occasion around Christmas when I’d caught a nasty stomach bug and she came down all the way from Berkshire to make me tea and make sure I was alright. Now I know most tenants probably wouldn’t like being mothered like that. But we enjoyed it and, leaving for home after the year was over was a very hard thing to do. Some us stayed in touch, others were lost out of sight after a few years. In the end, I came back to stay in Britain for good. And the welcome I had received in Southampton definitely helped to make the decision to leave Germany easier.

On Mother’s Day this weekend, I won’t just be thinking of my own mum, but also of those other important women that have treated me as one of their own over the years – including my amazing landlady in Southampton and the many happy memories she created for the four of us.

Total Landlord Insurance would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend.

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