Apr 15

“Catastrophic” Sub-letting plans

With the Budget announced last week, landlords would have kept a close eye on how measures being introduced this year would affect them.

The Government has outlined plans to change the law regarding sub-letting which could have a significant impact on the private rented sector. These plans will make it illegal for private sector tenancy agreements to include clauses that prevent sub-letting of properties. As a result, landlords will not have full control over who the residents are within their property. According to Landlord Action, this could have a “catastrophic” effect.

Paul Shamplina, Founder of the Landlord Action said: “This appears to have slipped under the radar which, if it goes ahead, will throw up a magnitude of problems in the buy-to-let industry. We have never seen so many sub-letting cases going to court because of unscrupulous tenants trying to cream a profit from a property they have rented.”

Although the plans have not been finalised, the recent Budget announcement has caused a lot of concern within the buy-to-let market as the Government also wants landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants. The question is who would be responsible for this when sub-letting occurs? Additionally, who would be responsible for a property if the tenant sub-letting leaves the house, but the tenant they are sub-letting to stays?

Paul Shamplina voiced further concerns that this could result in overcrowding and many properties may face damage as a consequence. He claimed there should have been a consultation with the rental industry before the Government announced their plans.

Many landlords may choose to leave the private rented sector if the Budget’s plans go ahead.

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