Nov 14

The 10 most unaffordable places to buy a home in the UK

This infographic represents the top 10 average house prices against the average salary within that particular area.

Interestingly, all of the entries are predominantly southern regions where house prices are known to be higher on an average basis.

Perhaps surprisingly for some, Oxford tops the list ahead of London and Cambridge with an average house price of £340,846 which is 14.9 times the average salary within the area in comparison to London’s 13.9 and their average house price which is much greater (£514,000).

The south coast of the United Kingdom appears frequently within the top 10 which may be due to the increasing house prices and locations around green belt areas.

The main concern regarding these unaffordable areas is the vast amount of demand for properties within these regions, in comparison to the supply of properties which is extremely concerning from an economic perspective.

Ultimately, the housing crisis does play out different in cities across the United Kingdom and with housing demand continuously exceeding the supply, it is difficult to see the situation changing.

Average House Prices vs Average Salary

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