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Tax tips for 'Wear and Tear' Allowance

The ‘wear and tear’ allowance can only be claimed on rental property let furnished when it includes such items as a cooker, fridge, sofa, etc.

The allowance cannot be claimed on unfurnished or partly furnished properties.

The claim is an annual allowance calculated as 10% of the net rental received after deducting any costs paid for by the landlord which are normally the tenant’s burden – such as council tax.

‘Wear and Tear’ Allowance Example:
John lets out a fully furnished property at a rent of £600 per month. Out of this £600 he pays £100, being the cost of the utility bills and the gardener each month.

John is allowed to claim ‘wear and tear’ allowance as follows:

Annual income = (£600 – £100 per month) x 12 months = £6,000.

‘Wear and tear’ allowance claim: £6,000 x 10% = £600.

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