Sep 13

Supporting Our Customers during Fire Brigade Strike Action

With pressing threats of strike action from fire-fighters, it is imperative that even greater precautions are taken by landlords and property investors to preserve their investments by reviewing fire safety routines and encouraging tenants to take precautions.

Total Landlord Insurance, as ever, is devoted to serving its customers’ needs, and we are pleased to confirm that we will not restrict our cover or service as a consequence of these strikes. Further, our expert advisers are on hand to offer advice on best practice under these difficult circumstances.

It is vital that neither landlords nor tenants are complacent at a time when reduced levels of emergency fire cover are unavoidable. You should encourage your tenants to be vigilant by assessing potential hazards, such as overloaded power sockets or frayed/damaged wiring, and taking essential preventative measures. With your cooperation and proactive response, risks of fire, personal injury and property destruction can be mitigated and the negative impact of the strikes minimised.

For further information and guidance during a strike, visit the London Fire Brigade Website: http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/contingency-plan.asp

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