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Landlords: Learn How to Make Your Property More Energy Efficient

Whilst the recent UK summer has been a little unpredictable, for the majority of the season we’ve been extremely lucky to enjoy long hours of sunshine as well as tropical temperatures – saving us lots of money in terms of energy bills. Yet as we prepare to move into Autumn, it’s time to put our energy efficient hats on – and put a plan into action as to how we can be good to our bank balances as well as the environment.

Install energy saving bulbs

A simple piece of advice that is often overlooked – but by simply changing to energy saving lighting, you can help reduce energy wastage by more than 75 per cent. Whilst they may be a bit more costly than the standard light bulb, they last for an impressive 12 times longer – helping tenants save on their yearly electricity bills.

Upgrade your boiler

If the boiler in your property is more than 15 years old, it’s highly recommended to replace it. Legally, all new boilers must hold the high-efficiency condensing grade – and by implementing this small measure, allows tenants to save up to a third on heating bills.

Insulation for your property

Did you know that over 40 per cent of all heat lost in the home is via walls and loft space? With decent insulation, you can help fight global warming and climate change – as well as improve the chances of your house being damaged in a fire. Using insulation made from glass wool and stone wool can improve your property’s resistance to fire, thanks to them both containing an A1 fire classification making your property highly fire resistant.

Solar Power

A highly practical method of cutting down on energy costs, it makes your home look great and helps keep energy costs low.

Give windows a revamp

While many might be under the impression that double glazing windows will help save energy, there’s a lot more to it than that – for instance, have you thought about tinting windows? Not only does it add a certain aesthetic to your property, it also keeps out any unwanted heat and cold. Another helpful tip is to replace any aluminium frames – these frames in particular let heat transfer extremely easily, whereas vinyl frames are much more resistant.

For more information on how to make the most from your property, speak to Total Landlord Insurance – and enjoy both a cost and energy efficient home today.

About the author

Eddie Hooker Photograph Eddie Hooker has been involved in the insurance industry since 1985.  He worked with many large insurers such as Legal & General and AXA Insurance prior to setting up his own insurance business, Hamilton Fraser, in 1996.  Hamilton Fraser now employs over 130 staff out of their North London office, dealing with various insurance products for the buy-to-let property market such landlord insurance, rent guarantee insurance, emergency cover and tenancy deposit protection. 

Eddie and Hamilton Fraser Insurance first started to provide landlord insurance as early as 1996 when they became involved with the Small Landlord Association, which later became the National Landlords Association. 

By working closely with the industry’s leading companies Eddie and his team have built up a detailed understanding of the landlord market ensuring that the customer experience is founded on knowledge and support.  This has been highlighted in a recent customer survey that found that 95% of Hamilton Fraser customers were either satisfied or more than satisfied with the service provided by the company.

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