May 13

Oldbury Landlord Hit With Record Fine

A landlord whose eight blocks of flats, were called “disgusting” by a magistrate has been fined £45,900.

Sandwell Council brought the case against Trafalgar Court Property Limited over its continued failure to deal with repairs. It is one of the largest ever judgments against a single landlord in a case brought by the council.

Whilst the landlord had had improvement and abatement notices, no work had been carried out on the dilapidated and dangerous stairs, walkways and porches in the communal areas of the blocks.

The lack of effort to perform such serious repairs also brought condemnation from the council.

Councillor Mahboob Hussain, said: “No-one should have to live in the sort of squalor experienced by tenants at Trafalgar Court.

"While there are many excellent landlords in the borough, the action of the landlord running Trafalgar Court Property Limited brings the sector into disrepute.”

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