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Landlords make your small property appear larger!

We all know that when it comes to renting property size matters so if your property is on the petite side ensure you make the most of what space you do have with our top tips. Taking the time to spend a little effort maximising space and creating a spacious feel in your property will certainly benefit you when you next come to let it.

First things first consider your surroundings, cut the clutter and replace oversized furniture which can cloud the potential that prospective tenants need to see in your property. A well organised living space will automatically appear larger than one where every surface is covered in clutter, so invest in storage solutions for areas where clutter is an issue. In especially small rooms keep the floors clear, rugs may well detract from the feeling of space you are trying to create.

Colour Scheme
Light neutral colours are the way to go when trying to maximise space, you don’t always have to opt for standard white or cream but do avoid dark colour schemes which will have a shrinking effect on your property. Neutral colours don’t have to be cold and bright shades of blues and greens will provide some interior interest and keep your rooms looking light and bright. Here’s the science bit; walls painted in a light colour will help natural light reflect and will therefore make your room appear bigger, conversely a dark colour will absorb light making the room seem smaller. With maintenance in mind go for paint rather than wallpaper, its far easier to freshen up between tenancies.

Natural light is always best so make the most of what you have and make sure curtains and blinds are drawn during viewings, if your property is not blessed with floor to ceiling sash windows don’t despair. The way you decide to light your room will have an impact on how spacious it feels so consider your artificial lighting options with care. Remember that well placed lamps and up-lighters are great for illuminating those darker corners.

If you are offering your rental property to the market on a furnished basis think about space saving options when you are shopping. There are a variety of well designed multiple use items on the market now which may cost a little more but will certainly be worth the investment. The materials you opt for will also have an impact on the illusion of space, for example a glass tables rather than a wooden one will help keep the room feeling spacious. Colour is also important - a sofa that matches the wall colour will help create the illusion of space, so no black leather sofas! And the most important thing of all; make sure your furniture is to scale a king-size bed squeezed into a small room is guaranteed to make it look tiny so don’t be tempted.

Creatively used well placed mirrors can transform a room, so play about with reflections of light. When we are talking about mirrors don’t limit yourself to a mirror hung on a wall think about mirrored furniture too.

Once you have made these space savvy changes stand back and see for yourself just how much more spacious and attractive your property looks!

Written by Sarah Male, Urban Sales and Lettings

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