Mar 13

Survey results reassure landlords on insurance claims

The importance of landlord insurance should be as recognised to buy-to-let investors as car insurance is to motorists. However, some are discouraged from sufficiently protecting themselves by preconceptions which surround the insurance industry regarding the success of claims and need for a high level of protection.

The results of an on-going survey we have been running since January 2011 with customers who have made a claim, aims to dispel such myths.

When asked how easy it was to notify Total Landlord Insurance of their claim, 98 % of customers strongly agreed or agreed and 94% felt the person they spoke to was helpful, reassuring and demonstrated a good level of advice and guidance when notifying on a claim.

When asked about the claim itself, 82% of customers who had a claim passed to a loss adjuster rated the level of support or guidance from the loss adjuster as excellent or good and 83% subsequently felt the speed of settlement for their claim was also excellent or good.

Firstly, I am thrilled to see that so many customers take the time to fill out our survey which provides us with this valuable information. Even more so, I am extremely pleased that the results reflect so positively. Insurance is in an industry which by nature has many negative connotations surrounding it and so it is essential for us to make someone else’s misfortune as hassle free as possible and reassure customers of the many benefits that come with being adequately protected.

Overall, 87% of landlords rated the handling of their claim as excellent or good and after making a claim, 92% said they would recommend Total Landlord Insurance.


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Naomi Di Scala Photograph I joined Hamilton Fraser in 2008 intially working for my|deposits as a front-line team leader. In August 2011, I moved to become the claims team leader which handles claims for Total Landlord Insurance as well as Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance and other Hamilton Fraser products including household, commercial, liability and directors & officers.

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