Sep 12

Nightmare Tenants and Student Lets

Did you miss our live webTV show about nightmare tenants and student lets?

We discussed nightmare tenants, from how to deal with them to how to avoid them as well as providing advice on student lets. Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action, Simon Thompson from Accommodation for Students and Eddie Hooker from Total Landlord Insurance. They all provided valuable advice, you can't afford to miss.

Nightmare tenants

There's nothing worse for landlords than nightmare tenants. From late rent payments, to damaged property, irresponsible tenants are not only infuriating and stressful but they can leave you seriously out of pocket. It's not always easy to spot a bad tenant when you're going through the letting process, regardless of how good their references are or how nice they seem when you're vetting them. So what are the tell-tale signs of a not-so model tenant? And if you do end up with a problem tenant then what can you do to protect yourself from loss of income and your property from damage?

Student lets

As students start heading back to Uni after the summer holidays, thousands of landlords around the nation will be getting set to welcome these youngsters into their properties and for those less experienced at renting out their property to students there will no doubt be a few nerves amongst them. The perception of students as tenants is not always positive with many landlords worried that this will leave their property in ruins, with messy students running amok and partying every night with little regard for their property. Student renters do pose other issues for landlords too, such as the fact that their leases are often shorter term and their properties tend to remain empty over holiday periods. So how can you find the best student tenants? What ground rules need to be put in place from the start? How can you make sure your property is in good shape when they leave? And how do you make sure you have the right insurance in place?

For the answers to these questions and any more you may have, log on to watch the on demand version of this webTV show where Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action, Simon Thompson from Accommodation for Students and Eddie Hooker from Total landlord Insurance will provide all the information and advice you need. The show also features advice from Vanessa Warwick from Property Tribes discussing tweets of the week and James Davis, CEO of Upad on how to choose the right tenant.


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