Jul 12

Protect your property during severe weather conditions

Following the wettest June on record here is our advice to minimise disruption to your rental property should you be affected by severe weather conditions.

• Check the Met office website for any future weather warnings.
• Ensure your tenant advises you if they go on holiday or are going to be away from the property for a longer period of time.
• Make sure your tenant know where your gas, water and electricity mains are so they can turn them off quickly if required.
• In the likelihood of a storm ask your tenants to move furniture and electrical equipment to upper floors.
• If you are in an area prone to floods, prepare by placing sandbags around the perimeter of the property.
• Secure or lock away loose objects such as garden furniture.
• Ensure tenants fasten all doors and windows.
• Check for any loose tiles on the roof.
• Secure any weak fences and posts to minimise the risk of causing damage to other parts of your rental property.

In the event of an incident at your property, where possible, you should make emergency/temporary repairs to the property to prevent further damage.

Should the worst happen our claims team are here to help on 0345 310 6370.

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