Terri Dunne, Director, Group Risk and Human Resources

Part of a series to celebrate 20 years of Hamilton Fraser, introducing you to the people behind the scenes.

Terri Dunne started working at Hamilton Fraser in 2000 and has been with the company for 16 years. The contrast couldn’t be bigger between then and now. When Terri first started as a Commercial Broker, the company was based in a small office with only 10 employees. Although already a strong player in a very specialist industry back then, the company now is a market leader in both the property and the cosmetic sector, which have boomed partly due to the company’s leadership. Hamilton Fraser is now housed in purpose built offices and has grown to over 170 members of staff – many of which Terri has seen walk through the door on their first day. Setting up a Human Resources department as the company grew, she has been instrumental in getting the people and the business to where they are today.

Could you say people are her business? “Yes, absolutely. Seeing people come in for their job interview, and then their first day, seeing them progress through the ranks is an extremely rewarding experience. I always enjoy encouraging people to seek out opportunities to achieve success. It’s great to watch a person grow. The company has benefitted hugely from nurturing talent and we value training very highly. Now that we’re celebrating 20 years of Hamilton Fraser, it’s so rewarding to see how far many of our staff have come – they truly carry the business and make it such a great place to work.”

She also likes the variety of the business. A typical day for Terri doesn’t exist, she says. “It’s an extremely varied role – from Board Meetings to recruitment tasks and training as well as overseeing the acquisition of accreditations for the company: every day is different. But I like that very much.”

And she does not only know the business end of things when it comes to the property market. Her husband, a managing landlord, is a customer of my|deposits, has his landlord insurance with Total Landlord Insurance – and does ask her to help him redecorate or other bits that need doing in his properties.

Where does she see the company years down the line? “We are truly experts of our sectors and have helped shape them and seen them grow. We will always be leading the way ahead, the private rented sector is growing and growing and so is the cosmetic sector. And we’re an essential part of them.”

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