Stuart Feldman, Customer Service Operations Manager mydeposits


Part of a series to celebrate 20 years of Hamilton Fraser, introducing you to the people behind the scenes.

Though only a relatively recent addition to the Hamilton Fraser team with just over a year of service, Stuart Feldman has already made his mark in the team. “We’ve introduced so many new things recently, from customer satisfaction surveys to awards for best employee of the month – they’re all great morale boosters.”

Stuart looks after both the mydeposits customer service and business team. And you can tell Stuart really cares for his teams. “We’re actually quite a young team, with a lot of recent new starters that have massive potential for development. We’re all here to provide high quality customer service – and our customer satisfaction survey shows it’s working.”

What is he most proud of? “Watching people progress that you’ve nurtured from the start, definitely. We’ve just had four members of staff who’ve moved across to the business team where they are performing amazingly well – it’s always great to see hard work pay off. If they go on to progress like that, I know I’ve done my job well.”

What about Hamilton Fraser makes the company stand out? “I really get to shape my team here. I can put my stamp on things and create an incredible team. It’s a very rewarding place to work.”

Before he started at Hamilton Fraser, Stuart used to work as an operations manager in an insurance company – and in recruitment. Experience that he incorporates every day in how he deals with his staff. A typical day, he says, also includes a lot of statistics – forecasting of what staff need to achieve, KPIs and how the IT system is performing.

Moving on to a company which specialises in the property sector comes naturally to him. Working at mydeposits he’s joined many property professionals in his family – his uncle is a chartered surveyor and his brother a mortgage adviser. Many of his friends are estate agents. “I’m still learning about the sector,” he says. But you can tell he’s enjoying himself doing it.

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