James Dempsey, ADR Manager

Part of a series to celebrate 20 years of Hamilton Fraser, introducing you to the people behind the scenes.

James Dempsey has made a success of his time at Hamilton Fraser. Now ADR Manager in charge of two teams, he started as a trainee adjudicator for mydeposits only six years ago. His previous career steps had included a law degree from King’s College, working as a paralegal in housing and a short stint as a property manager. He comes from a family deeply rooted in the property sector. “It’s in my blood”, he says with a smile.

At Hamilton Fraser, you can see he has truly come into his own. In 2015, only five years after he started, he was promoted to ADR Manager, and is now in charge of the Internal Adjudication Team, a number of external Adjudicators as well as the Disputes Team, around 30 staff in total.

“The trust that is placed in me here has made me grow in the way I work and as a person,” he says. “It’s a very rewarding experience to have this much freedom in shaping the way we work – I’ve been given so many opportunities here.” When he joined in 2010 there were only three of them in the team – all of whom are still there. Now that number has grown considerably. He tries to give his staff the same opportunities he was given himself, he says.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but I really enjoy working with the people here, it feels like a family. We are all working towards a coming goal, everyone is open and honest and it feels like we’re part of something very dynamic and new.”

While he says there are certain jobs he does every day, checking emails, writing reports, meetings with directors and team leaders, there is no typical day. “It’s an ever-changing, diverse industry, and my day really depends on what work comes in. I thoroughly enjoy helping people with individual issues. Communication is key, really. Both landlords and tenants should establish good communication from the start of the tenancy, so everyone is on the same page and knows what’s expected of them. We generally really only come in when that communication has broken down.”

Six years ago, a friend told him about the job at Hamilton Fraser. He decided to apply for it. After the way he’s turned his career at Hamilton Fraser into a success story, it might be time to take that friend out for a thank you dinner.

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