Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent defaults can be a serious problem for any landlord. As a landlord we know you will ensure you have the best possible tenant for your property, but unfortunately nobody can predict what the future holds.

Making sure you choose the right property to invest in is one thing, but ensuring you choose the right tenant can be a different issue entirely. That’s why Total Landlord Insurance recommends taking out rent guarantee insurance; where in the case a tenant fails to make a rent payment on time, you’ll be fully protected.

Understanding the Importance of Rent Guarantee Insurance

In a period where finances are unstable and unemployment becomes a common issue, the idea of taking out rent guarantee insurance is quickly proving to be an appealing option amongst the landlord community. Even if your tenants have undergone the most rigorous of referencing checks, in this time of economic uncertainty anything could happen – such as a tenant being made redundant, which in turn affects their ability to pay their rent on time.

Thankfully, Total Landlord Insurance has a solution – and that’s our landlord rent guarantee insurance policy.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive Legal Expenses service – whereby landlords will be covered from any costly legal fees during an eviction process.

Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee

Enjoy the best of both worlds, by combining legal coverage along with rent guarantee insurance up to the amount of the monthly rent as stated in the tenancy agreement – up to a maximum of £2,500.

What do I get with rent guarantee insurance?

At Total Landlord Insurance, we go above and beyond the average expectations –to deliver high quality to all of our committed customers:

  • 24 hour legal advice helpline
  • Cover up to a maximum of £2,500 per month in respect of unpaid Rental Income
  • Dilapidation costs (providing they are contained within a dilapidation inventory)
  • Legal costs incurred in proceedings against a Tenant or Guarantor up to £50,000 per insured incident

Safeguard your home and your income with our landlord rent guarantee insurance, and make failed rent payments a thing of the past – by protecting your future today.

Before you Buy

Before you buy our Rent Guarantee Insurance you must be aware of the importance of meeting the following criteria:

• You have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement no longer than 12 months in place with your tenant.
• You have taken a deposit equal to or greater than 1 months rent.
• You have protected your tenants deposit with one of the Government Approved Tenancy Deposit schemes.
• You have obtained a full tenant reference from one of our approved tenant referencing providers. For Total Tenant Referencing click here or for details of other approved tenant reference providers click here.

If you do not comply with all of the above then our rent guarantee insurance policy is not suitable for your requirements. However, we would encourage you to call us so that we can offer further assistance.

Terms of Business

Our Terms of Business explains how Total Landlord Insurance will provide business to you and include our complaints procedure. For full details please download a copy of our Terms of Business.

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Legal costs incurred in proceedings against a Tenant or Guarantor up to £50,000 per insured incident.
Cover up to a maximum of £2,500 per month in repect of unpaid Rental Income. The maximum Rent payable per Claim is £15,000 or the equivalent of six months Rent, whichever is the lesser amount.
24 hour legal advice help line
Dilapidation costs (providing they are contained within a dilapidation inventory)