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24th November 2016
Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement held few surprises for buy to let landlords. During his hour speech, Hammond pulled no punches against letting agents. He accused some of charging too much and confirmed leaked details of his proposed ban on charging English tenants for services like checking references, inventories... ... more »
23rd November 2016
Chancellor Phillip Hammond will announce a ban on letting agent fees in England later today, in his first Autumn Statement. A similar ban has been in force in Scotland since 2012, however, today’s announcement will not cover agents in Wales. Since last August, it has been compulsory for letting agents in... ... more »
22nd November 2016
You don’t have to earn a fortune to feel wealthy, but owning buy to let property certainly helps, according to a survey by the bank behind Britain’s biggest landlord lender. The survey unintentionally reveals the reason why the government is going after landlords with demands for tax. ... more »
21st November 2016
Judges have issued a stern warning to leasehold property owners who rent out their homes to strangers through web sites like AirBnB. In a topical court ruling that has become known as ‘the AirBnB case’, one flat owner may have to pay thousands of pounds for breaching her lease agreement. ... more »
16th November 2016
Portfolio landlords who own four or more letting properties face another mortgage crackdown. The Bank of England has pointed out to banks and building societies that the way affordability for buy to let mortgages is calculated changes from September 2017. The likely result is mortgages will be harder to come... ... more »