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31st July 2017
Running a lean buy to let business by trimming running costs is vital for landlords seeking to maintain their profits threatened by tax changes. New research shows the biggest drains on profits are maintenance and letting agents, which account for a third of the average annual spend on private rented... ... more »
26th July 2017
Buy to let mortgages are about to get more expensive for landlords as new lending rules take effect from September 2017. The Prudential Regulation Authority, part of the group of watchdogs that oversee the financial world, is taking up Bank of England advice to tighten buy to let lending for... ... more »
20th July 2017
Is your tenant going on holiday this summer? Our case studies highlight the need for vigilance. While the rate of break-in claims continues to decline year on year, short periods when tenants are on holiday or have recently vacated a property present ample opportunity for those intent on breaking in.... ... more »
18th July 2017
Private renters move home because they want to, not because their landlords evict them, says The English Housing Survey contradicting 'popular propaganda'. ... more »
14th July 2017
These cases were all preventable and highlight that in addition to ensuring that they are compliant with legal requirements, landlords should ensure that they take time to talk to their tenants about the precautions they should take to minimise risk of fire. ... more »