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15th October 2015
As a landlord, do you understand the licensing rules for rental properties imposed by your local council? Hopefully, the answer is yes, but the truth is, licensing buy to let and house in multiple occupation (HMO) homes across the UK is an almost impenetrable mess. ... more »
15th October 2015
Landlords make more mistakes over claiming business expenses than any other financial task, according to a survey of accountants. Just over half of accountants working with small businesses, including buy to let landlords, told researchers for online software firm FreeAgent that wrongly claiming business expenses was the most common bookkeeping error... ... more »
14th October 2015
Who hasn’t seen the images of thousands of Syrian refugees arrive on Europe’s coasts every day over the last few months or illegal immigrants jumping into lorries at Calais trying to make it through the Eurotunnel to Britain? Home Secretary Theresa May made her concerns about mass immigration clear at... ... more »
30th September 2015
The Government has published the Immigration Bill for 2015/16, which carries various implications for landlords. The bill, which intends to repress illegal immigration, will make it a criminal offence for landlords and agents acting on their behalf, to breach ‘Right to Rent’ scheme rules. ... more »
17th September 2015
Evicting problem tenants has become a little more complicated for landlords as confusing new procedures were announced by the government. The new rules affect Section 21 notices landlords must serve to gain possession of a property from tenants. ... more »