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30th September 2015
The Government has published the Immigration Bill for 2015/16, which carries various implications for landlords. The bill, which intends to repress illegal immigration, will make it a criminal offence for landlords and agents acting on their behalf, to breach ‘Right to Rent’ scheme rules. ... more »
17th September 2015
Evicting problem tenants has become a little more complicated for landlords as confusing new procedures were announced by the government. The new rules affect Section 21 notices landlords must serve to gain possession of a property from tenants. ... more »
11th September 2015
The need for a new law to make landlords install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in private rented homes was underlined when a court heard mum and her young son were at risk of poisoning from a dangerous boiler for seven years. Property company Rent4U Ltd, of Manchester, admitted two offences... ... more »
4th September 2015
Total Landlord Insurance would like to inform customers that, in this year’s budget, Chancellor George Osborne announced the increase of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from 6% to 9.5% from 1 November 2015. The increase of tax is separate from the price of premiums, which is calculated on risk, and... ... more »
3rd September 2015
The biggest mistake most buy to let investors make is to go into their project eyes shut without thinking about the business consequences of their decisions. Buying a house is a major capital outlay that comes with responsibilities that cost money to maintain. ... more »