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5th July 2016
The law of unforeseen consequences has cropped up again to penalise buy to let owners who rent their home before moving into a place of their own. The Treasury has explained stamp duty rules were designed to trap landlords who moved out of their owned home into a rented property... ... more »
5th July 2016
Britain’s biggest landlord has chosen a bad time to sell his complete property portfolio of close to 1,000, worth £250m. According to the Daily Telegraph, Fergus Wilson had been planning to complete the sales of his portfolio, which he announced at the end of last year, to a pool of... ... more »
5th July 2016
A day after Standard Life became the first firm to freeze its property fund, Aviva, the savings and investment group, has today followed suit, suspending redemptions from its £1.8bn property fund and sending the value of the pound reeling to a new 31 year low. ... more »
1st July 2016
The dust is still settling on Brexit with the country effectively without a functioning government or opposition, but the prospect of uncoupling from the European Union does allow lawmakers the chance to revisit the statute book for landlords. ... more »
30th June 2016
Independent letting agent regulators are targeting rogue traders with a toolkit to help local councils weed out offenders. Letting agents must belong to a government approved regulator like the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) and local councils have the job of enforcing their registration. But NALS argues only 16% of councils have... ... more »