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16th November 2016
Portfolio landlords who own four or more letting properties face another mortgage crackdown. The Bank of England has pointed out to banks and building societies that the way affordability for buy to let mortgages is calculated changes from September 2017. The likely result is mortgages will be harder to come... ... more »
15th November 2016
Landlords who fail to comply with standards set out in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 could be ordered to pay penalties of up to £30,000 and even be liable to imprisonment. ... more »
11th November 2016
Gas safety rules are likely to change for landlords – and for once the measure will save property businesses money. After a flood of tax changes that threaten to undermine buy to let profits, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) wants to refine gas safety rules for rental homes. ... more »
10th November 2016
More red tape in the courts is likely to make evicting tenants who break suspended possession orders more expensive. The Court of Appeal in London decided that even though Cardiff City Council had an order concerning the tenant’s antisocial behaviour, they were wrong to evict him when he broke the... ... more »
9th November 2016
The way landlords qualify for buy to let mortgages is changing fast thanks to new affordability rules put in place by the Bank of England. Lenders now must consider expenses such as tax bills when considering a mortgage application. Because of changes starting in April 2017 which are likely to... ... more »