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2nd June 2017
Property prices in many favourite buy to let cities may be slowing, but values are just going through a blip and will recover, say new reports. ... more »
29th May 2017
Councils and housing groups like to push the idea of landlord accreditation as a way to raise standards in private rented homes – but does the idea really work? ... more »
24th May 2017
June 2017 will see yet another jump in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) for all insurers operating in the UK. Under the Finance Bill 2017, IPT will be increased for the third time in as many years. ... more »
19th May 2017
A crowdfunded legal challenge is underway to halt the roll out of Right to Rent checks across the UK. Under Right to Rent, landlords have to make sure tenants are allowed to live in the country. The law only covers England, but is expected to extend to the rest of... ... more »
15th May 2017
Too many crooked letting agents are stealing cash from landlords and tenants despite new laws on the way to safeguard money held as deposits. The courts dealt with cases totalling £310,000 of stolen deposits in the first three months of this year, according to campaigner Ajay Jagota, who wants to... ... more »