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28th September 2016
Tenants who have no fall-back plan if they cannot work or lose their jobs are a serious financial risk for landlords, according to new research. Millions of renters wrongly assume state benefits would take up the shortfall in their incomes, says financial and insurance firm Royal London. ... more »
15th September 2016
Buy to let homes are among the 1.1 million properties at risk from bogus gas fitters carrying out shoddy repairs and maintenance work. In the past 36 months, 22 people have died and close to 1,000 injured in accidents related to unsafe gas appliances. ... more »
14th September 2016
Eight out of 10 buy to let homes will fail mortgage underwriting for a 75% loan if new rent cover rules are taken up by lenders, says trade body the Council of Mortgage Lenders. ... more »
2nd September 2016
The buy to let industry is in good health and has not succumbed to uncertainty following the Brexit vote, according to Britain’s letting agents. ... more »
31st August 2016
Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane has stirred up a furore by claiming investing in buy to let property is better than saving with a pension. Haldane, who has a home in London and a holiday home on the south coast, let slip in an interview that pensions should be... ... more »