Landlord Contents Insurance

Get your landlord contents insurance from Total Landlord Insurance

If you're investing in a buy-to-let property, you'll need specialist landlord contents insurance to make sure the furnishings you leave for your tenants are protected.

Many first-time landlords assume that standard contents house insurance will provide them with the protection they need, but this is not the case. Total Landlord Insurance offers two simple landlord insurance policies that will provide peace of mind against potential claims and protect your investment.

As a landlord you'll want to make sure you're paying a competitive price for your contents insurance. If you have between one and five properties, we can provide you with a quick quote online. Own more than five? Then give us a call to discuss your insurance needs.

Our landlord contents insurance covers against theft

Theft from your rental property could leave you with a substantial bill for the replacement of furniture and electrical items, unless you have a specific landlord contents insurance policy in place to cover you.
Our Essential insurance product can protect you against theft by violent and forcible entry to your rental property. If you choose our Premier policy you will also be covered for theft by your tenants or their guests.
Perhaps you are planning to furnish your rental property to the highest standards possible to attract higher rents. If so, your investment could be at risk if you do not obtain adequate insurance.

Our insurance also covers against damage

Opt for our Premier landlord contents insurance and you'll be covered against malicious damage caused by tenants and/or their guests.
Similarly, if your contents are damaged during a break-in, you'll be covered for this too.

Choose our Essential contents insurance and there will be a single article limit of £500. If you choose our Premier policy this limit is increased to £1,000.

Of course landlord contents insurance will not provide protection for anything your tenants own. You could therefore recommend that they carry out their own contents insurance comparison to ensure they have adequate cover for their possessions.

Get a landlords contents insurance quote now

Our Essential package provides basic cover for new and existing landlords, with protection against accidental damage to glass and sanitary fittings and theft by violent and forcible entry.
While our Essential landlord buildings insurance covers all the basics, taking out our Premier policy will ensure you have our widest possible cover.

It takes less than a minute to obtain a quick quote for landlord contents insurance online with Total Landlord Insurance. If you have between one and five buy-to-let properties, simply input your details on our website and we'll calculate the costs.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our expert advisers on 0800 63 43 880, or send us your details and request a call back. You can also email us at

As with all insurance policies, terms, conditions and exclusions apply and so it is important that you understand what you are buying. Please refer to our policy wording or contact our expert advisors on 0800 63 43 880 who will be able to answer your queries.

Get the utmost protection for your property with landlord contents insurance – where with Total Landlord Insurance, we offer two exclusive insurance policies.

Our extensive coverage ensures you’re well protected against theft and damage, offering landlords peace of mind that their possessions are safeguarded by one of the UK’s leading landlord insurance specialist.

Don’t run the risk of your property being left uninsured, speak to our advisors and learn about our Essential and Premier packages. Whether you’re looking for basic protection or want to invest in the widest possible cover, trust us to deliver effective landlord contents insurance today.